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Coding for life ;)

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I love to create realities. The real reality where I make music and the virtual reality, which I code with passion. I see my work as a process of gaining new skills that broaden my perspective of looking at reality. Although perfection is a relative term, I strive to learn more every day. As my career moves onward, I stay faithful to my philosophy of reaching to others and support people on their path of progress.

Hey. My name is Michael. Tell me something about yourself. I’d love to hear from you ->


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  • 14 years old – My first PC.
  • 15 years old – My adventure with programming begins. My first successful server hacked - acquired a database of 15 Internet forums - more than a million of e-mails.
  • 16 years old – I build my first commercial website, written in notepad from scratch.
  • 18 years old – I get my ID card.
  • 20 years old – I set my foot at the Warsaw Stock Exchange - the youngest employee to the EEZ – webmaster.
  • 22 years old – I dust off my long forgotten drums and I play jazz.
  • 23 years old - I start work as a search evaluator for Yandex.
  • 26 years old - I land myself a job as a web developer at Rabobank - RWD applications written in html, CSS, JavaScript, and SDL Tridion.
  • 28 years old – As I birthday present I buy a ticket to Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 29 years old - I get to meet you.

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Over the years I've come across a number of tools & technologies that have, ultimately, helped me build web sites & applications.








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